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ADV Motorcycle Train/Tour Level Up, July 20-24


July 20-24 2022

Your immersion tour includes:
• 3 days/4 nights accommodations
• 1 day of focused rider training
• 2 days of touring and “on trail” training
• All Meals (breakfast and dinner served at the Lodge, lunch is on-trail)
• Beer and wine in the evenings

Pay a 25%% deposit per item


Our Adventure riding immersion training and tour is a 4-night / 3-day program is in conjunction with Dragoo Adventure Rider Training (D.A.R.T.). Bill Dragoo is a BMW certified instructor and has designed his training around “building block” exercises that bolster confidence and skill as you progress from one to another. He is truly dedicated to the training of new and experienced riders alike.

Day 1 of your adventure is all training and builds your skills for the next couple days of riding. We’ll travel to nearby locations conducive to Bill’s training program where you’ll learn your motorcycle with series of drills to give you the confidence to tackle the days ahead.

Days 2 and 3 are spent immersing yourself in the area and discovering a fraction of the 3,600 miles of roads and trails the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota has to offer. While we are riding, we don’t forget about training. We will take opportunities to practice a few more skills and drills, as trails allow, for a truly immersive, one of a kind experience.

Additional information

Number of Riders:

1, 2

Additional Guest? (non-rider)

Yes, No

Event Details

What you can expect from training:

· Proper Body Position for off road riding
· Balance skills
· Throttle, clutch and brake skills
· Tight turning
· Off road braking skills
· Traction control
· Failed Hill Climb recovery
· How to tackle or avoid obstacles

What to expect while touring:
· 60-90 miles of mostly double track, trails and gravel roads
· Support/Chase vehicle
· Terrain varies depending on the conditions. We’ll prepare you for what’s to come.
· Lunch on the trail
· Adventure! We prepare for most things but you never know what the trail might throw at you.

What To Bring:
· Motorcycle (any brand or size will do)
· Off road/Adventure tires (50/50 or knobbier is highly recommended)
· Rider protection
· DOT or Snell certified helmet, full face protection is preferred
· CE rated elbow, knee, shoulder and hip protection (highly recommended)
· Tall, Sturdy Adventure riding boots
· Gloves
· Rain Layer
· Hydration pack with compartment for snacks
· A Great Attitude!

Tips for your days of Training and Touring
· It all starts with attitude. The drills can be taxing and frustrating but remember you’re here to learn and perfect skills.
When drills get hard take a deep breath reset and try again. It’s all about attitude!
· Luggage is bulky and support is never far away during your stay. Bikes will be luggage free to keep the bike light for training.      Panniers, tail and tank bags will be left at the lodge to allow you maximum opportunities for fun and adventure.
· This is training bikes get dumped regularly. If you don’t have crash bars or hand guards it may be time for the investment.          They are much cheaper than new fairings.
· Ride where your comfortable but don’t be afraid to stretch that comfort zone. Most of this is new to you and you can only            progress if you try.
· Riding off road for three days straight is hard. Start working out now increasing your strength and cardio in preparation.

Start date: July 14, 2021

End date: July 19, 2021

Venue: Hisega Adventure Lodge


Directions: Out of Rapid City: Take Hwy 44 West 8 miles out of Rapid City, turn left onto Hisega Dr. for 1 mile, take a Left at the T. Park in rear of lodge on Triangle Trail. From HWY 385 - turn onto Hwy 44 West, drive 8 miles and turn right onto Hisega Dr, take it one mile and go left at the T. Parking in rear of lodge off of Triangle Trail.

Phone: 1.605.2094105 or 1.605.484.4484